by boromir527

Lake Chelan

Lake Chelan is a wonderfully beautiful lake located in north-eastern Washington. The lake is a giant compared to others in Washington. Although it’s somewhat narrow, it is 55.3 miles in length. Out of all of the lakes in Washington, Lake Chelan is the largest natural lake in Washington State.

Lake Chelan has the bluest water. It shines like a sapphire, and the surface is like an infinite sheet of glass stretching forever. You can see the soft, white puffs of the clouds in the reflection. When you look into the deep, cavernous water, you would guess that the bottom of the lake does not exist.

Not only is the lake astounding to observe, it is even greater to experience first-hand. During the summer, when the air feels like a fiery hot furnace, the water is cool as a gust of wind and refreshing. When the warm rays of the sun roll over you, a tremendous feeling of peacefulness and serenity come to you.

There are many beautiful types of fish in Lake Chelan. Among them, the colorful and shiny Rainbow trout, the gorgeous Lake trout, and the large Chinook salmon are the most popular. Lake Chelan is a fantastic place to fish for fun. For almost every month of the year, the fishing is excellent.

The outside terrain of Lake Chelan is ultimately amusing and enhances the beauty of the lake. There are towering, flowing hills surrounding the lake that makes it feel like the lake is sinking very deep into the Earth. The sky is an incredible mix of blue and beryl. With the rolling clouds overhead, it seems hypnotizing.

Lake Chelan is a very peaceful place to live or visit. It is as quiet as a forest during the winter. The deep, blue water, surrounding hills, and floating clouds create the ultimate feeling of natural and undisturbed beauty.